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Dutch Kickboxing only publishes data from accredited schools and accredited martial arts instructors. Recognized martial arts schools are accredited to offer the Dutch Kickboxing Fundamentals and Advanced curriculum. They are also accredited to graduate their students according to the standards of Dutch Kickboxing. 

Requirements for Schools
Martial Arts schools must be affiliated with a recognized national martial arts association. Instructors must be committed to the preservation of the techniques and teaching methods in accordance with the exacting standards of Dutch Kickboxing. Instructors must have a license from a recognized national martial arts association. In addition, as a certified instructor, you must personify discipline, integrity, and honor. You must be healthy in mind and body, and, most importantly, you must have a passion for empowering others.   

Become a member
To register your martial arts school, we test your technical skills as an instructor. You also send us all information about yourself and your martial arts school. For more information on how to register your martial arts school, please contact us.